Thursday, August 6, 2009

Patience Pays Off

I realized long after I had decided in my head what this post would be titled that some people might mistakenly mean it meant I got a job. It doesn't. When I get a job, I promise to post it with a big bold title that won't keep any secrets.

Where patience actually pays off is in throwing Rock Band parties. I invited a handful of people over to play Rock Band on Wednesday night. I had two "maybes" and one "yes". At 7:30pm I set to cleaning the house, and then my "yes" called and said she couldn't make it - sick. So... I did not even know if anyone would show up. Well, I had been planning to play Rock Band all day and had been looking forward to it, so guests or no, I started playing at 8:30 by myself. I sang a little, then sang & played guitar, then switched to Guitar alone and managed to play Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambrio first on the "hard" setting and then on the "expert" setting (this is me bragging). Anyways, by this time it was 9:45pm and I had pretty much given up hope on any guests coming, so I started into a 8 song singing set to earn some cash for one of my off characters. Low and behold, just after the 1st song the house phone rings, and it is my Cousin asking if its too late to come over and play. She was just getting off work. I could honestly tell her that it was not too late and I was standing there playing by myself!!

She came over and we rocked out until about midnight. It was a ton of fun and I even got her to sing a couple by the end of the night (she got 100% on them by the way!) So, patience pays off sometimes! If you play it... they will come :-)

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