Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ahh. Freedom.

In case it has not been clear, I am been spending my time since securing a job lazing about, reading, watching TV and movies, being social, and in general, being gloriously relaxed.

I took this relaxation party up to Cleveland last night. I made the two-hour drive to meet two of my cousins and my sister at a Mexican restaurant. We ate Mexican food, then saw my Cousin's new house. We discussed the bio-mechanics of arm circles, the differentiation between fruits and vegetables, the merits (and demerits) of pet skunks, and other important topics. I accidentally stayed an hour later than intended and thus did not make it home until 1am.

This morning was my fantasy football draft. DH has run a league for about seven years now. It has come to include people from all parts of our lives - family members (my in-laws), college friends, current Columbus friends, and parents of friends. This year we have 10 people in the league. My team's name this year is the Minnesota Man Bear Pigs. This is a South Park reference, I did not make it up. Anyways, I do like my team quite a bit.

After that I ran off for some Outlet shopping down in Jeffersonville with some friends. I was buying clothes for the new job. The place was packed, and the sales were huge. I have never seen such big discounts there. On top of the already outlet prices, there was things like 40% the entire Old Navy store, Black&White dresses starting at $29.99, and 40% the entire Puma store. I bought quite a bit, though no shoes and only one pair of pants.

DH and I finished off the exciting day by watching Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus on the SyFy channel (do not ask me why they decided to look like uneducated nincompoops and switch the spelling of Sci Fi to that ridiculousness, but alas they did). The movie was as gloriously bad as anticipated. For some of the most priceless scenes, you tube it!

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