Saturday, August 22, 2009

Girl's Night

Last night we had a girl's night. My friend J had us over to make jewelry and watch girlie movies. We started out the evening by looking at her supplies then headed to Byzantium. It was my first time there, and my assessment (comparing them to other bead stores I have been in) is that they have a huge selection of international and vintage beads, but not very many real stone beads at all, and their display system is annoying/hampering to the creative process (i.e. a much higher percentage of their beads are kept in cases meaning you have to request to look at them rather then being able to browse them). I ended up getting the Hematite stars I have wanted a necklace from for a LONG time and some other filler beads. I had to make a conscious effort to stay away from orange. I think about 75-80% of my jewelry is orange. Back at J's we ordered pizza and got to work. I ended up making two necklaces with the hematite. I am very happy with both necklaces so I thought I would show them off (as best I can, its hard taking good pictures of little beaded necklaces!)

Also, two of my friends said, in separate cases, "the stars fit your personality." I am not sure what to make of that. Why do Hematite Stars scream Amanda? Well, at least my tastes fit my personality?

Instead of watching girlie movies we watched the season premier of Project Runway that was being replayed on Lifetime. (For those of you who don't watch reality TV, it is a competition for fashion designers). I think it will be a good season. I really liked lots of the designs, and I totally agree with who got kicked off. The challenge this week was "red carpet look" (judged my Lindsay Lohan?!?!) and this dress looked like a deflated metallic soccer ball had been jammed over the model. I was going to try to post either pictures or links here but it appears that Lifetime does not want us blogging about their show since they thwart every attempt. It is a very poorly/inconveniently designed site. I think they may need to reconsider their social networking strategies.

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Anonymous said...

1. Great pictures of necklaces! I know it's difficult, I've tried.

2. Nice creative work! I'm impressed you stayed away from orange and got to use those stars you've been eyeing :-)

3. Send me that pictures sometime?

:-D lektelyn