Friday, September 26, 2008

Chatty Cathy

Did you know that the term Chatty Cathy is actually the name of a talking doll from the 1950s? And here I just thought it was a made up saying, like Nagging Nelly.

Anyways, I have a million little thoughts flitting around in my head that ideally I could form into something coherent to post here. I have been a very Chatty Cathy for the last day or two. I talked a friend's ear off all day yesterday and then proceeded to talk to DH non-stop for most the evening and the morning. Its like a cyclic pattern - sometimes I cannot stop talking, mostly telling people about new stories I read, gossip from my online message board, and ideas I have, and then other times I have nothing to say. I have not been a Chatty Cathy for a very long time, so its nice to be on the upswing of the cycle. I am sure a lot of other people find it annoying!

So what am I chatting about? Since I have class in a half hour I cannot really get into it all, but here is a list of my topics of choice.
1. Spore - a new video game
2. The bail out negotiations and the economy in general
3. Political Message Board etiquette/people's inability to communicate
4. Dissertation Workshop
5. My feelings about my economics class
6. The history of poverty and the welfare state
7. Clientelism
8. Twin's Win (I like that that rhymes)
9. Football Pick'em
10. My Sims2 Mansion I am building
11. Rockband 2 is coming out
12. John McCain and the Debate that might happen tonight
13. The origin of peanut allergies in children
14. Walking the Dog every 12 hours
15. Preparing for Oral Exams
16. Thomas Friedman's argument in his bookHot, Flat, and Crowded

and plenty of other random stuff I am sure...

If your interested in hearing anymore about any of the above topics, I am sure I could chat your ear off.


Anonymous said...

5:50 am? you? wow... so I should have called you on my drive back to lansing this evening? no worries, i found plenty of other people to talk to... i'd love to have all the political stuff going on right now explained to me sometime.

lulu_82 said...

Glad you remember that cute little Chatty Cathy....You could join my new logo....Sit Long, Talk much..Laugh often. I have this outside my apartment...X

Erin said...

I left you something on my blog :)