Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Productive Day

Today at 10am my friend from school, a fellow third year comparative politics student, called to invite me to a 10:30am meeting to talk through past generals questions. This was very unexpected, very last minute, and very appreciated. I imagine it was so last minute because her and the other girl had talked to each other at some reasonable hour (like 8am) and set the meeting time, and then she waited to call me to invite me until ten out of fear of waking me up, as in the past I have told her 9am was too early to call someone! (Though, admittedly, I did make the disclaimer that nine is too early on a weekend). If she had called me at 9am, I would have been awake, but not yet functioning. I admit I have fallen into a rather bad sleep schedule considering school is starting soon. Seeing as the exam will start at 8am, tonight I am starting to change my sleep schedule to make sure I can function at that time in the morning.

Anyways, enough rambling. I headed off to drink coffee and study with them. The good news - I am in a good mood, the meeting was very productive, I feel like the exam is doable and things may just turn out alright. The bad news - I managed, between breakfast, coffee, lunch, and snacks, to spend $16.50, and I plan to do it all again tomorrow. That is a lot of money to waste on food in one day. I think its worth it though. I am pretty sure if you asked DH if he would be willing to pay $20/day over the next ten days to put me in a good mood and stop my incessant worrying, he would take you up on it in a heartbeat. At least I hope he would.

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Anonymous said...

$20 is a small price to pay for your sanity!!! I'm glad to hear that you had a productive morning and feel like things may be possible. I reviewed a few board presentations yesterday and it made me sleep a bit better... GOOD LUCK!