Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lucky Squirrels

The squirrels are not actually lucky. This post should be titled "Luck and Squirrels," but I thought lucky squirrels sounded better, so there you go.

First the squirrels, then the luck. Two squirrels have moved into the birdhouse in our backyard. This is not a very big bird house and I am rather amused that they both fit in it. I frequently see a head coming out the top and a tail out the bottom, or two tails out the bottom. I can see the birdhouse from where I spend most of my day sitting and studying, so they provide entertainment. Maybe they are lucky because they have found a house. They have been using it for the last three days pretty consistently, and weathered the storm in it. You should have seen those little tails hanging out the bottom flapping in that wind. It is about time I name them, if they are going to keep hanging around. If anyone has a good pair of squirrel names, let me know.

And now, the luck. I did not realize how lucky I was to have power until I started reading message board posts from a local board and found out how many people do not have it. It is out all over the city still and some people are not expecting it back on for 6 more days! I even heard there is a neighborhood that has been told one to three weeks!! Also, I tried to pick up a friend and get some coffee yesterday. We thought, surely, if we both had power, we could drive up High Street far enough that somewhere a coffee shop would be open. We returned to her house an hour later with no coffee. We are lucky because we have power, because Aaron is able to go to work, and because the worst damage we have is this tree in our front yard. It is still attached, so we will have to call someone to cut it down. I hope they don't try to charge us an arm and a leg, but we are willing to wait a little while if they are. Its not endangering anything. DH went to work early today so he could come home early and start cleaning up what we can. It seems like we are the only yard in the neighborhood that is still a mess. I do not know how people got to it so fast! I guess though that a lot of people did not have work when DH did, and I was studying.

I went into campus today to try and get some of the bureaucratic
nonsense out of the way. The trip was highly unsuccessful. I did manage to register for my problem class, but when I tried to talk to a professor about scheduling my orals they got defensive saying they hadn't had a chance to respond to it because of the power outage. I wasn't trying to be demanding, just sorting this all out. Also, the mail room was being waxed. Just my luck, I could not pick up my reams of mail that are waiting for me with more paperwork to be filled out and turned in.

Here are a couple last pictures of storm damage. The first is a tree down in an athletic park on the corner of Calumet and Weber in Clintonville. It is so huge! But is is obvious why it came down - completely hollow!! The kids seemed to be hoping a newspaper reporter would show up. The tree will probably be there for quite sometime as its not on the road or a power line. The second was taken during the storm (on my foolish trip to the grocery store), where a street sign was completely parallel to the ground. Here you go!!

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