Monday, September 22, 2008

Onwards to Orals!!

I just finished my final written candidacy exam, which means I only have orals left. I am trying to ignore the fact those are the scariest, most nerve-wrenching part of the entire process. Especially since every time I think about defending certain essays I wrote in the last few days I want to cry.

But, putting that aside, I am currently not sure what to do with myself! I really want to be around people right now, not to sit here and ruminate on the fact that the I did not really answer the third question on the formal theory exam. I mean, I wrote down an answer, but it did not do what the question asked. Thats what they get when they put a literature review type question on a closed-note exam. Oh well. Unfortunately, other peoples exams are happening at all different times today, and I am unsure if I can call anyone before 3:30. I am also stuck on/near campus until Aaron gets off work. My goal is to get lunch now, kill some time, then find people to go to happy hour with. That sounds really nice right now.

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Opal said...

way to survive with minimal singeing...