Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Of Older Sisters and Exam Questions

I finally got to have a good conversation with my older sister, LEK, tonight after about 6 weeks of virtually no contact. She is in her fourth year of vet school and travelling all over the country on rotations. She spent the last three weeks in Iowa learning about pigs. It was so nice talking to her, although I tried to avoid dumping my stress on her since she has plenty of her own. She is already worried about her board exams this coming winter. Maybe her early worry will help her avoid my situation though...

Speaking of which, I am feeling slightly better about my position this evening. Besides talking to LEK tonight, I also had a long conversation with my good friend Opal. I told both of them "if the exam was tomorrow, my ability to pass would depend entirely on what questions they ask - there are plenty of questions I know the answers too, and plenty that I have no clue about". So, to shore up that opinion (and to make a plan of attack for the next 10 days), I have spent the last half hour or so looking at old exam questions, analyzing whether I think I could pass them. Reading all the old questions made me realize I might be ok, that I can answer some of these, and I still have time to work on the ones that I iffy on (and I plan to ignore the ones I am completely clueless about since the structure of the exam allows me to skip a few). Maybe this is doable. Maybe I can sleep tonight!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you found a way to focus your stress into productivity! Congratulations - keep it up!!!