Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tick Tock Goes The Clock

I am pretty sure I will struggle with organization - both physical organization and time management, for the rest of my life. Its just "how I roll". In high school people sometimes would tell me I seemed really together or organized. Well... I am glad I could create that illusion because in actuality, I am really not at all together. Yes. If I have an assignment, I get it done... except on the occasional times when I forget I have an assignment. The worse grades I ever received had more to do with memory than ability. They came from those "oh crap!! thats due tomorrow?" moments that are so pleasant to experience. I remember some particularly bad incidents involving a seventh grade English group project, and a 10th grade biology project. I believe I got C's on both. Always ended up with A's in the classes though. Also, I have improved with time. I don't remember any particularly bad incidents during my undergraduate years, and only one in graduate school, and I have an excuse for that one... practically no one in the class knew or realized it was due when it was. Oh well.

Did this post have a point when I started? I don't think so. Oh well.

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