Monday, September 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I have been "tagged" by Erin at and Allison at

As far as I can tell, this is the blogging equivalent to those email survey forwards I used to LOVE in high school.

Basically, it means that I am supposed to post 7 random facts about myself, and then tag seven new blogs. I am not sure if I can tag 7, but we will see.

Seven Random Facts about Me

1. In high school I was on the small school State Champion math league team, and the state runner up Music listening team. We should have won music listening, but their rules are stupid (though I might be bias).
More on Music Listening -

2. I have a lifetime membership in Girl Scouts and earned their highest award, the Gold Award, equivalent to an Eagle Scout.

3. I am attracted to bright colors to an extreme degree. Especially orange, or orange next to red, or orange next to red next to yellow next to pink... you get the idea.

4. When I am bored or procrastinating I take my scissors and cut up whatever junkmail or scrap is laying around me, usually into a spiral or a snowflake. Frequently I keep these ad-hoc works of art in my office for months before getting rid of them.

5. I think the only beverage better than real, fall time apple cider is fresh-pressed real, fall time apple cider.

6. When I was looking for colleges I toured 13 colleges in 7 days from Chicago to the Jersey Coast. The school I ended up attending was not any of these 13 colleges, but it was a super fun road trip with my Dad!

7. I will eat almost anything you put in front of me - spicy, sweet, sour, tangy, mushy, crunchy, gooey, ugly, odd.... except mushrooms. They are absolutely disgusting.

And now to tag people. I am not going to tag seven, that seems like way too many!! If you are tagged you should post a link to my blog, seven random facts about yourself, and tag some more people!!

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Thats all folks!

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