Friday, September 5, 2008

Dragon Dreams

I love rainy days. We have not had nearly enough of them lately! In fact, I am fairly certain there has only been two rainy days in the entire last month. Maybe the drought is really broken this time and not just on pause? I would be happy if it rained straight for the next two weeks, it would fit my mood.

For the first time last night I had a dream about exams. Now, I have had plenty of exam-related symptoms - insomnia at night, inability to get up in the morning, overeating, weight gain, teeth grinding or jaw clenching (I am not sure which), and a random outbreak of acne, but this is the first time I actually dreamt about the exam. That fact is kind of odd in and off itself since I have always been a vivid dreamer and the dreams frequently are related to reality.

Anyways, I pretty much dreamt that it was the day of the exam. I was sitting there reading the questions, picking out four to answer. They were all very difficult quesitons but I started in on the ones I thought would be easiest. It was very slow going. Then, when I was about a third done with the first question, I was informed that we had just passed the two hour mark. I went into overdrive, trying to finish the question (we get 8 hours to answer 4 questions the first day, so 2 hours per question), but my brain would just not function and I could not work any faster. That was the end of the dream. Its unfortunate I remember it. I prefer to remember interesting dreams, not mundane, or in this case, stressful ones.

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