Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend? What Weekend?

The weekend flew by! I had stuff planned pretty much every minute of it, and even though I enjoyed everything I did was fun, it also made it feel like there was no weekend at all, because weekend means downtime, and I had none. On top of it all, I am sick (a cold), so I probably should have slowed down and given myself a chance to recover, but alas, I am too smart to do that.

Friday night, despite the fact we had a bit of a time crunch, I decided I really needed to make my cooking club recipe that I had all the ingredients for - Chicken Chili with Cornbread Topping. It was a lot of work, and it took longer than I was expecting. I planned for it to take an hour, which is a long time cooking, but it actually took more like an hour and a half. I also managed to make a massive mess of the kitchen and burn my arm pretty badly. The result? A tasty meal, but not nearly worth the time or effort.

Leaving the kitchen (and whole house actually) in complete shambles, we ran off to a debate party after eating. The debate was OK, marginally informative and lacking anything really exciting. I was very annoyed by McCain's condescending tones and continual inaccuracies regarding Obama's position and history. Of course, what I think does not really matter. What really matters on these debates is what swing voters think. I am definitely not a swing voter! The funny thing is, if McCain has been in the 2000 general election, I would have been a swing voter, but he has changed his tune SO much since then.

Saturday morning we got up early (early for Saturday at least), and headed to a friend's house via Dunkin' Donuts for a pre-game party. Mmm. Mimosa. We headed over the the game slightly later than intended and missed the pre-game band show (Script Ohio), which was unfortunate, but we can see it at the next game. The game itself was a lot of fun. Our seats are decent this year, and the team played well for the most part. Unfortunately, they stopped playing before the game ended. What should have or could have been a 34-6 game ended as 34-21. It is like I said before, if we truly want to be great, the team needs to play for themselves, not to the opponent. Its still not happening. I was happy to see the other college football scores. USC, Florida, and Georgia were all upset. The more good teams lose, the more chance we have of ending up higher in the polls by the end of the season. Despite the fact that by the end of the game I was a miserable pile of snot, I could not resist going out to dinner. After a quick shower we met everyone again for dinner at Applebees. It was tasty and fun. However, after dinner my condition deteriorated rapidly and I was quite miserable all evening.

Sunday morning I got up, and since I felt mostly better, elected to go on my planned girls-day out shopping trip to the Jefforsonville Outlet Center. It was a fun day and a successful shopping trip. I got a much needed pair of pants and shoes, along with a skirt that my friends thought looked terrible on the rack but looked great on (as I predicted). I successfully resisted buying a new Fossil wallet and was highly tempted by but never actually considered a super cute and bright Fossil purse. Once again, by the time we got back I was a miserable pile of snot. So miserable I cancelled my evening plans and vegged out, falling asleep for the night before 11pm.

Now its back to the school week, and into the real bulk of what I will be doing this quarter. My oral exams are now officially scheduled for Monday, October 13th at 10am. Its kind of a cool date, 10-13, its a running number used in the X-Files, so maybe that is good luck or something. I think I have actually made it through most of the beginning of the quarter bureaucracy. I am registered for classes, have paid my fees, picked up my football tickets, canceled insurance, sorted out my generals, and applied to graduate (aka, get my Masters) contingents on my exams. Onward to more useful things!!

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