Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Love Fall Weather

Ike may have brought a lot of destruction and grief to central Ohio, but it also brought fall weather. This morning when I went out to walk the dog I could see my breath, which is wonderful to me. It makes me think of home (Northern Minnesota). I just wish that I had more time to go out and enjoy it. I could just sit outside in the cool weather forever.

Some readers have wondered how I manage to post about things like football and squirrels and weather when the exam is so close and I am so stressed. It is simply, this blog is both an outlet for me to express my stress, and also at times a procrastination tool. When you see a post like this one - seeming unconcern in the face of a huge task (i.e. my written major exam tomorrow), it means I am procrastinating, distracting myself from thinking about the stressor, for better or worse. Today, it is probably for the worse, because I need to be getting studying for the minor exam out of the way.

I do not plan to post again until Friday afternoon or evening (when my written major exam is over). Wish me luck!!


Wandering Explorer said...

I love Northern Minnesota fall! It's not the same in Southern Minnesota. Even though, right now, we've got some lovely weather and the leaves are already starting to turn, I miss the frosty cold of the mornings and the explosions of color.

Glad to hear you've got a slice of that in Ohio!

Manday said...

I wish it was really like Minnesotan falls!! When I say it reminds me of home... a september morning here reminds me of a June morning there :P